February: My first sous vide

February 15, 2009

Boxes boxes

Boxes boxes

So after I made some fake sous vide stuff last month, I decided to pony up for a real setup.

Fakey setup

Fakey setup

The nerds on egullet call it a rig and frankly, I kind of think that is hilarious. I looked around for a real immersion circulator, but I was wary of lab castoffs because of the possibility of carcinogens or weird crap in it, and new ones were way too expensive, so I got a PID controller from Auber Instruments and a steam table and an aquarium bubbler and a vacuum sealer. Wanna see the goods? I hope so:

Waterbath and PID

Vacuum Sealer:

Test steak for Frank:

And the first test dish. This is a not-quite-there-yet version of February’s main course:

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