March: Dinner Photos

March 29, 2009

These flowers were the only spring-y thing in the dinner: wait till next month

These flowers were the only spring-y thing in the dinner: wait till next month

So, the dinner! We had some of Frank’s co-workers who hadn’t come before and I was a little worried they wouldn’t be into it, but I think everyone had fun. I’m going to say I think this was my favorite so far, but then again I couldn’t eat the main course so who knows.

First course was a miso mustard cauliflower puree with a fried quail egg and pickled red cabbage:

These were good. I’m really into the miso/mustard/creamy combination. It doesn’t taste “miso-y” necessarily, just sorta salty/savory and tasty. I give these an A+.

Fennel and pickled red onion salad with olive puree, candied and fresh orange slices, fennel fronds and seeds:

And with this, we see the inadvertent theme of the evening introduced: ugly food. The flavors on this were good, I thought, but I didn’t consider how dog food-like the olive puree would look. Lots of the food this month was similarly unphotogenic (not that my photo skills are helping anything. Sorry again about that.) Not sure why that happened. Anyway, the olive and orange worked great together and one fennel-hating guest ate his whole portion, so I am going to call it a win.

Next up, cumin lemon carrot soup with a pimenton-infused carrot cube:

My original idea was to have the soup very light and frothy, kind of almost foamy. It didn’t end up that way at all–more creamy and sweet/spicy. Also, the people at the Ideas in Food blog are always using their sous vide machine to “infuse” flavor into vegetables, so I thought I’d try it, but I’m not entirely¬† convinced.

I mean clearly this is my fault for doing it wrong, but still. The cubes were good, and had a texture that was sort of firm and soft at the same time, but I’m not sure the pimenton flavor came through. I’d try the sv vegetables again, though. Maybe next month with aspargus? In any case, this was tasty, but not a home run. Nice small middle course.

And now we come to the citrus-cured wild salmon with avocado and garlic chives:

Like I mentioned before, this was supposed to be with pomegranate seeds instead of avocado, but alas, no poms to be found. I also accidentally made nine of these instead of ten, so I only sampled a chunk of salmon, not the whole dish. Frank said it was good, and the salmon bite I had was very silky and tasty–I love my fish guy. So, not a particularly inventive dish, basically deli sushi, but good.

Broccoli “marrow bone” with roasted broccoli salad:

Since this was the meat dinner, I thought it would be funny to have a vegetable play on meat. The idea was to fill the broccoli stems with a melty cheese/broccoli mixture and have people scoop it out and put it on toast like marrow. A roasted broccoli salad with raisin vinaigrette played the part of the parsley salad.

The broccoli stems were much smaller than I’d imagined when I thought this up, so not very much goo fit in them, plus I was going to blowtorch them but Nico forgot the blowtorch at home. I ended up broiling them. I’m not sure where on the stupid/funny continuum this dish lies, and the closer I got to serving it, the more I was sure it was way to the stupid side. The only thing that saved it, I think, was that it actually tasted really good. I think with some fixing, this could work really well, though I realize that any food that involves quotation marks gets some people’s hackles up. Which, fair enough.

Now on to the main course, 48-hour short ribs with Rancho Gordo flageolet beans, onion confit, and crispy kale:

Another of the ugly dishes. Since I didn’t taste this, I can only say that people seemed to like it. I couldn’t even taste the beans, as I put bacon in them, so I had to rely on Frank for seasoning. I hope they were okay. I have to say, it was nice to sit out a course and have extra time to do kitchen stuff. If it wouldn’t be too weird, I think I would only cook and not eat, but that just seems inhospitable.

The short rib came out much more falling-off-the-bone than the tester, perhaps due to a minor screw up of short duration where the temp of the sv machine rose kind of high. The confit was from a jar my mom gave me for xmas. I was going to make a red wine pan sauce with the bag juices, but there was so much fat and I didn’t have time to de-fat things. Not as much fat rendered in the tester, again I think because of the accidental hour or so of high temperature. Lastly, kale chips got a little more burned than I meant for them to, but c’est la vie.

Spicy margarita granita:

This was a surprising hit–usually the granitas are not really remarkable. I had the simple syrup that I used to candy the oranges for the salad and the jalapeno for the dessert, so it was spicy and orange-flavored. I added lime and tequila and froze it. It didn’t freeze as hard because of the tequila, but was good and spicy.


Cana de cabra, an American farmstead gouda, a very stinky vacheron, and a Point Reyes blue.

Dessert, poor ugly old thing.

It’s a chipotle chocolate cake smooshed around ginger pastry cream (see the last post for a full breakdown of what went wrong here), topped with a ginger white chocolate glaze, a sweet tomatillo sauce, a slice of candied jalapeno, and candied ginger (not homemade.)

They are undeniably fugly, but the flavors were really, really good. I liked it a lot. My only thought (besides the aesthetics) are that they were a bit big–everything was very rich, and I didn’t even eat the short rib. I had some ginger liqueur with it, and others sampled some absinthe.

Mignardises were more green tea truffles and earl grey tea cookies. I didn’t get a photo but they were the same as last month.

And that’s it! March, boom, done. I’m happy. This month felt the easiest so far to pull off, and there weren’t any major clunkers. Portion sizes were way more appropriate than last month. I’m hoping next month will be a little easier on the eyes, but we shall see.

All clean and time for bed.

All clean and time for bed.


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