Yes, I am a failure

May 3, 2009

Yes, this weekend was supposed to be the “April” dinner. Unfortunately, I had to cancel it for a bunch of reasons, and busy schedules look to be making May impossible too. Sigh. I am enjoying these dinners, but trying to do them around the amount of crap going on will make them unenjoyable.

This project will resume, but it might be a while. Fingers crossed, Frank and I might be moving to a new apartment (that we own!) in a little while, so things are busy and money tight. Boring, I know. Sorry. Hopefully posting will continue soon…frowny face.


February: Whew, made it

February 22, 2009



I am full as all get-out. And tired. But the dishes are done and we’re finishing up some wine before bed. Also watching the last Conan on Tivo. Sweet Conan. I’m glad he’ll be on earlier. Anyway, pictures tomorrow. Also my thoughts about improving things. If you care. Which, psych, like you have a choice. Goodnight!

February: Catching up

February 13, 2009

I started up this blog to have a place to post ideas, progress, and process on this project I’m attempting called Flavor of the Month. Mostly, I like to cook and felt like I needed a challenge, so I’ve decided to try and host a multi-course dinner party for 10 every month of 2009 in my small-ish Brooklyn apartment. I am in no way a good or experienced cook, so it will be interesting to see how this goes.

And yes, I am duping my kindly friends into sitting through whatever ends up happening. We’re still at the age/income level where free dinner is exciting so I hope I can keep the table full through December. And no, I’m not doing wine pairings because a. we drink a LOT of wine and b. I’m just not that good at it. Plus also c. I don’t have enough glasses and d. I’m cheap.

What’s that you say? It’s already February? Good point. I’ll be posting the pictures and stuff from January in a bit. It went pretty okay, though I had to buy a shit ton of plates and flatware and chairs and suchlike. February is scheduled for the 21st. I’ve got a menu worked out, and it’s time to start cooking. I’ll keep you posted.